The Sermons application delivers instant content to church members, as well as a robust system for connecting with users on a daily basis. It is meant to build community and kinship with the church. There is also a retail module for offering church recordings on-demand as well as other packages. To support this (and similar) system, a campaign manager provides numerous and sophisticated options for offering notifications, bonus or trial products.

Example Screens

mobile example screens

Composing Messages


Designed for today's large churches, an initial dashboard provides a clear overview of current campaign results.

dashboard screen
Create Push Notification

Messaging options are spelled out in a clear manner for easy access, allowing the administrator to take advantage of keywords for personalization of notifications and providing a preview of the various notification types.

create push notification
Demographics and Schedule Delivery

Stacked boolean selector self-check to allow sophisticated campaign strategies.
The calendar provides smart promotion window and timezone parameters.
The sticky menu at top assures the user stays on target.

scheduling screens

Client: Catch Media Inc.