Play Anywhere is a multi-faceted media ecosystem designed to integrate user-owned media library with purchased, shared and gifted content. Due to its modular and theme-capable feature objectives and large number of launch targets, this project posed a number of user experience challenges for both end users and partners.

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Example Screens

iOS App
example screens

Partner Themes

An initial was challenge was to support multiple mobile platforms with minimal turnaround due to feature and design disparities, while maintaining a consistent experience for the users and theme partners. A hybrid interface was devised that provided users a familiar brand experience and supported requested partner features in multiple market types.

theme screen examples

Example Screen

ipad screen

Marketplace Integration

Another major objective of the project was to integrate the ecosystem with existing marketplaces of retail partners. Added value propositions were created to increase customer loyalty and drive adoption, in the form of point of purchase membership rewards and redemptions.

Supporting Initiatives

Redemption System
redemption examples

Ancillary Platform Support

kiosks, set-top boxes and other partners
ancillary partner products

Client: Catch Media Inc.